"Guide to Participating in the Warzone Mobile 'Day Zero' Event: Gameplay, Prizes, and Additional Details"

MWIIINTEL, a reputable and reliable source for Call of Duty leaks, has recently unveiled an impending event known as "Operation: Day Zero." This event is set to occur within the highly anticipated mobile adaptation of the renowned Warzone gaming platform. 

Activision has officially scheduled the unveiling of Warzone Mobile for October 5th at 9 am PT, which will take place as part of the Call of Duty Next event.

Warzone Mobile aims to capture the essence of the iconic Battle Royale experience on a smaller screen, preserving its trademark strategic gameplay while tailoring it to the mobile platform for optimal performance.

Although the official rules for participating in "Day Zero" have not been disclosed as of yet, past Call of Duty events offer valuable patterns and hints. To enter the event, you will need to access it through the game's main menu.

In order to access a variety of potent rewards, your collaboration with fellow players is crucial for advancing through and successfully completing designated zones. By working together as a team, you'll be able to amass Community Event Points, and it's only through this collective effort that you can unlock the zones within the game.

Although Call of Duty has not officially confirmed a release date, there is speculation that Operation: Day Zero will become accessible within the game coinciding with the launch of Warzone Mobile. The anticipated start date for Operation: Day Zero falls within the window of October 6 to November 1, 2023.

Gamers have the option to preregister for Warzone Mobile by visiting the Warzone Mobile product page on the Google Play store.

On this page, tap on the green "Register" button. If you are one of the players chosen to play Warzone Mobile early, you will be alerted when it becomes accessible.