Apple Car to feature parts created by iPhone 3D sensor supplier: Report

Apple will use parts created by iPhone 3D sensor supplier for its long-rumoured electric vehicle, the media reported.

According to sources, Apple Car will use new sensors to enhance its LiDAR capabilities that will sense the road ahead, reports AppleInsider.

The long-rumoured car will likely feature some form of self-driving facility, which the tech giant has publicly been testing for several years.

Currently, the iPhone maker is testing its self-driving technology on public roads with over 200 drivers and 67 vehicles, the report said.

In December last year, it was reported that Apple had delayed the launch of its electric vehicle until 2026 and is expected to be priced under $1,00,000.

The vehicle won’t have a fully autonomous driving or self-driving feature, but it will likely be able to drive itself on highways.

Apple Car was first reported to arrive in 2024.

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