China grants publishing licences for 67 online games, including these gaming giants in July

China’s gaming regulator granted publishing licences for 67 online games, including titles belonging to developers Youzu Interactive and iDreamSky.

Industry giants Tencent and NetEase did not receive licences in the July batch,

nor in the two previous batches in April and June.

The release of the July list provides relief for firms in the world’s largest gaming industry, which have been battered by new regulations and a lengthy suspension of gaming approvals.

The National Press and Public Administration (NPPA) ended a nearly nine-month freeze on granting new licences in April, but did not publish a new list in May.

Last month, it granted publishing licenses to 60 games.

Unlike many other countries, China restricts the number of video games available by allotting a limited number of game licences.

Previously, it published regular monthly lists of approvals.

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