Elon Musk fixes ‘slight degradation of service’ on Twitter

After a few users reported that they were not able to block accounts, Twitter CEO Elon Musk claimed that a “slight degradation of service” on the microblogging platform was caused by an old “3rd party tool” that has now been fixed.

Musk tweeted: “Twitter experienced slight degradation of service today from an old 3rd party tool used to block accounts that had no rate limit (sigh)… Should be fixed now.”

Several users expressed their thoughts on Musk’s post.

One user said: “eep hope I didn’t do that I’ve been blocking lots of people.”

To this Musk replied: “You probably weren’t blocking 4,000 accounts per second.”

Another user said, “Thanks for your transparency!”

Earlier this month, the micro-blogging platform suffered a brief outage for some Indian users.

Twitter on mobile was working fine but users on the desktop version had some trouble logging into the platform.


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