Five new nations will soon be able to use this digital banking platform

Digital banking platform Revolut said,

it was launching a streamlined version of its app in Sri Lanka, Chile, Ecuador, Azerbaijan, and Oman in the next few months.

Allowing customers to transfer money to over 50 countries using more than 30 currencies.

The London-based company said there would be no fee for customers transferring to other Revolut customers,

while transfers to non-Revolut accounts would incur a 1 percent fee, with a $1 minimum, in the five new countries.

Revolut, which has grown its range of products to include payments services, crypto trading, savings accounts and stock trading since launching in Britain in 2015, has said it wants to build a global financial “super app”.

The platform, which has more than 18 million customers and 500,000 businesses using its products said,

it aimed to be in up to 90 countries by the end of 2022.

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