Group of released hostages arrives in Israel

5:37 p.m. ET, November 25, 2023

These are the names and ages of the hostages released by Hamas Saturday, according to Israeli officials

Top row, from left: Noga Weiss, Shiri Weiss, Adi Shoham, Naveh Shoham and Yahel Shoham. Middle row, from left: Maya Regev, Noam Avigdori, Sharon Avigdori, Hila Rotem and Emily Hand. Bottom row, from left: Shoshan Haran, Alma Or and Noam Or.

Hostages Missing Families Forum/AP/Reuters

The Israeli prime minister’s office and the Hostage and Missing Families Forum have each released the names and ages of all thirteen Israeli hostages released on the second day of a truce between Israel and Hamas Saturday:

  • Shoshan Haran, 67
  • Shiri Weiss, 53
  • Sharon Avigdori, 52
  • Adi Shoham, 38
  • Maya Regev, 21
  • Noga Weiss, 18
  • Noam Or, 17
  • Alma Or, 13
  • Hila Rotem, 13
  • Noam Avigdori, 12
  • Emily Hand, 9
  • Naveh Shoham, 8
  • Yahel Shoham, 3

Dror Or, the father of Noam and Alma Or, is still being held by Hamas in Gaza, according to Israeli officials. Yonat Or, the children’s mother and Dror’s wife, was killed on October 7.

Raaya Rotem, the mother of Hila Rotem, is also still being held in Gaza.

Four additional hostages: Israel said a total of 17 hostages were released by Hamas on Saturday. The four people not listed above are Thai nationals, the Israel Defense Forces said.

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