How to capture light trails using iPhone?

Apple iPhone is full of surprises and hidden features that many people don’t know about or even Apple does not talk about them. One of those features is the ability to convert Live images into long exposure images and create artistic looking shots.

What is long exposure images?

The long exposure image is a type of shot where the camera capture an image at slow shuttter speed and end up creating a motion blur-like effect but with lights. This allows photographers to capture light trails and also let them experiment with their shots.

However, the long exposure on iPhone works differently. Apple basically use its image processing and artificial intelligence to conver the Live images into long exposure images.

Follow our step-by-step guide on how to convert a Live image on iPhone into Long exposure shots.


Tap on Live icon form the viewfinder screen


Now, capture an image you want to convert into a long exposure shot


After this, head to Photos app and tap on the image you just captured and tap on Live icon at the top left corner of the image

Choose the Long exposure button

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