Latest Israel-Hamas war news on Hamas hostage releases, Gaza death toll

As the end of the fragile four-day pause in fighting nears in Gaza, officials on both sides have said they are open to extending it to exchange more of the hostages taken by Hamas for Palestinians held in Israeli prisons. Michael Herzog, the Israeli ambassador to the United States, said that if Hamas is “willing or able to release additional hostages, then there will be an extended pause” in the fighting. Hamas said on Telegram that it is seeking an extension to “increase the number of those released from imprisonment.” Under the terms of the agreement, the pause could be extended by a day for every additional 10 hostages released by Hamas beyond the initial 50. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday evening that this “would be welcome,” though he also vowed to continue the war after the pause, with the aim of “eradicating Hamas.” Aid agencies are racing to boost deliveries to the Gaza Strip ahead of the pause’s scheduled end on Tuesday morning.

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