Meta expands its monetisation feature ‘Gifts’ across US on Instagram

Meta has announced that it is expanding its Reels-focused monetisation feature ‘Gifts‘ across the US on Instagram, offering a way for users to easily begin earning money from their audience.

Gifts allow followers to show their appreciation through direct monetary support, the company said in a blogpost.

Creators can receive gifts from followers who purchase them directly within the Instagram application using Stars.

These themed virtual gifts allow people to creatively express their appreciation for creators, which can result in earning money.

Users can check their eligibility by going to their Professional Dashboard on Instagram.

“Gifts are one of the growing number of ways we’re helping people make a living and grow their community on Instagram, and we hope to bring gifts to even more people soon,” the company mentioned.

In November last year, Meta began testing this feature “with a small group of creators” in the US, and also expanded access to subscriptions on Instagram to all eligible creators in the US so that more creators can earn predictable income and connect more deeply with their most engaged followers.


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