North Korea tests ‘super large’ warhead – DW – 04/20/2024

North Korea’s KCNA news agency said Saturday the country conducted a “super large” cruise missile warhead test along with a launch of its new anti-aircraft missile in the West Sea of Korea. 

Pyongyang tested the “Hwasal-1 Ra-3” strategic cruise missile, and the new “Pyoljji-1-2” aircraft missile on Friday, the North Korean government said. 

KCNA said the tests were not related to the “surrounding situation.”

“Both tests were part of the regular activities of the administration and its affiliated defense science institutes for the rapid development of technologies in various aspects such as tactical and technical performance and operation of new-type weapon systems,” KCNA reported. 

The agency released photos which showed at least two missiles being fired from launcher trucks. North Korea had reported conducting similar tests in February, but had not specified the names of the missiles.

The strategic cruise missile is said to be designed to carry a nuclear warhead.

The test was not reported by South Korea, Japan or the US, which often detect such large tests.

North Korea’s international relations 

Pyongyang has ramped up weapons tests in recent times, as tensions between Seoul and Washington have risen. In response, the US and South Korea have also increased their military drills in the region.

North Korea has several ballistic missiles, including intercontinental ones which are directed at the continental US. North Korea also has a growing cruise missile collection.

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin are close allies with deepening ties. Pyongyang could benefit from military cooperation with Moscow, especially in regards to its anti-aircraft missile technology, analysts say.

North Korea tests intercontinental ballistic missile

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