VLC media player banned in India: 6 Big reasons why there is likely no ban

There have been reports that the Indian government has banned the cross-platform VLC media player’s website. The free portable streaming media player is claimed to be not working on some Windows PCs. The government so far has not issued any official statement on this. Incidentally, the alleged blocking is not new. VLC’s parent organisation, VideoLan, claims that the platform was banned in February 2022. They say that they tried to approach the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to understand why their app as well as the website had been banned but did not receive an answer. In a series of tweets last week, VideoLan said it had been banned in India and sought Indian citizens’ help to revoke the ban. However, there are quite a few things that point towards the platform working fine. Here are all the reasons that seemingly point to the VLC not being banned in India.

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