Zelensky vows ‘just response’ to latest Russian missile strike on Odesa

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky vowed his nation would serve Russia a “just response” in retaliation for the latest Russian missile strike on Odesa that left at least 20 dead Friday. 

Russia attacked the Black Sea port city with ballistic missiles that killed at least 20 people and injured at least 70. The missiles were launched from the Russian-occupied Crimea peninsula. 

The attack damaged Odesa’s electric supply and infrastructure. It left 10 people seriously injured along with killing a rescuer who was assisting people on the scene, regional governor Oleh Kiper said, according to Reuters. 

Zelensky said Ukrainian forces will do “everything” to make the Russians “feel” their response to the missile attack. He said the rescue operation is ongoing, but called the attack an act of “cowardice.” 

“It’s a despicable act of cowardice: two missiles, with the second one hitting when rescuers and doctors arrived at the scene,” Zelensky said in a statement Friday. “Among the casualties and injured are emergency paramedics and rescuers from the State Emergency Service. My condolences go out to all their families and loved ones.” 

“Our Defense Forces will do everything to make Russian killers feel our just response.” 

The attack left multiple law enforcement officials dead, along with the former deputy mayor of the city. 

Kiper said some Odesa residents are dealing with gas supply cuts due to the Friday attack. 

Odesa, a port city in southern Ukraine, has long been a target of the Russian military since the invasion started in 2022, with the attacks becoming more frequent after the Kremlin paused its participation in the Black Sea Grain Initiative, which had allowed Ukraine to export wheat and other goods to other countries using its ports on the Black Sea.

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