Why Microsoft wants to be careful while hiring people for these roles

Why Microsoft wants to be careful while hiring people for these roles

Microsoft is reportedly getting conservative about hiring in certain roles. According to a report in Bloomberg, the company plans to slow hiring in its Windows and Office divisions as well as the Teams chat and conferencing software groups. The report quotes a mail sent by Rajesh Jha, executive vice president, Office Product Group. The memo reportedly says that all new hirings made in these businesses must be approved by Jha and his leadership team.

A Microsoft spokesperson reportedly said that these groups have expanded recently and the company wants to make sure that it is making the right hires in the right places. “As Microsoft gets ready for the new fiscal year, it is making sure the right resources are aligned to the right opportunity,” the company said in a statement. “Microsoft will continue to grow headcount in the year ahead and it will add additional focus to where those resources go,” the statement further added

These guidelines are not companywide and overall Microsoft plans to continue to hire at its set pace. Microsoft’s new fiscal year starts July 1. The company is holding its annual developers conference, Build 2022.


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