What is PTC sites? Make money online through PTC sites

Make money online

Earn money online is not an easy job, but you can make money online easily through PTC sites. Learn how to make money through PTC sites.


PTC means Paid to click sites where the advertisements on these websites are bought by advertisers, who further purchase advertising credits from these websites to promote their website or content. In these websites, they pay the user to watch and click on the advertisements which are being displayed. Not only for just clicking on advertisements, but there are plentiful of websites that pay for filling forms, feedbacks, surveys etc along with the PTC option to make money. It is an incentivized promotion method that pays both the PTC sites and ad viewers. The best thing about this work is that there is no investment required in it except for some time. It is one of the simplest methods of earning money sitting at home.


PTC sites works as a bridge between advertisers & users. There are dozens of online web marketers who need the traffic to their websites and blogs for promoting their products or services. As they do not have a huge budget and do not qualify for Google ads or other leading advertising networking, thus they opt for PTC websites, where they have to pay a small commission, which helps them pocket a massive amount of money.


These few things you would need for joining PTC websites, which are-

  1. Computer and a stable internet connection
  2. Gmail account
  3. PAN card (for Indians)
  4. Bank account
  5. Another payment processor like Payza or PayPal


  1. Tasks Completion- They also provide you with numerous tasks where you just need to finish them to earn money.
  2. Completing surveys- A lot of websites provide you with an option of making more money by filling the surveys on your profile.
  3. Offer panels- Here, you need to download apps, play games and do other such activities and get paid for it.


  • They are very easy to start as you just need to login to become a member and get started.
  • You do not need any qualification for doing this and the best part is that you can join them for free
  • You can work as per your convenience from anywhere and at any time
  • They provide you with other income opportunities as well along with clicking ads
  • Another thing is that their registrations are free and is accepted worldwide
  • You can start earning right after registration plus you do not need any technical skills for doing this


  • Pay is usually very less of almost all the websites. All the well-known sites just pay one or two cents per clicks which means that you would have to click on loads of ads to earn a good amount of money
  • You should ensure that the site is at least running for 2 years, as there are a lot of PTC websites which are fraud, that is the reason why the list is short.

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